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Is Government Bond Rally Due To ME Unrest Or Sentiment?

After months of persistent decline, the US government bonds have started to rally. Many in the media are attributing this to the unrest in the Middle East. That is a peculiar explanation since the catalyst was the Tunisian protests and … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading: Irish Revolt At The Polls, Not Streets

Here is this long weekend’s reading list of economic and market news. To see all the links, go to Financial Flimflam: Why Economic Experts’ Predictions Fail Kurzweil: Solar Power Technology Will Make “Peak Oil” Irrelevant Joing the weekly Conversations … Continue reading

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Sentiment Overview: Week of February 25, 2011

Below is the sentiment summary for this past week Sentiment Surveys The weekly survey of retail investors from the AAII finds them quickly giving up the bullish cause. It seems that the few days of negative closes on major stock … Continue reading

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Gold On Course For New Heights

Here is a quick update on the gold market and my views on the near term future. Since suggesting for various technical and sentiment reasons that gold would see a bounce higher, the price of the previous metal has indeed … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t A Crude Oil Top Here Astound Everyone?

The Middle East protests are spreading like a “freedom flu” and they have finally affected an oil producing country, Libya. I’m sure you’ve read and seen the horrific scenes of the military response to the protesters. One effect has been … Continue reading

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Copper Sentiment Indicator At Extreme

Copper prices reached a new high early last week, seemingly thumbing their noses at all the naysayers (including me). But they weakened in trading during the rest of the shortened week of trading. And today, they fell dramatically, down 3%. … Continue reading

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Baltic Dry Index Suggests Caution For China’s Stock Market

The Baltic Dry index is sometimes forced to act as an indicator for the stock market. I’ve been guilty of this myself more than a few times (Baltic Dry Index, Commodities & The Stock Market). One such attempt was even … Continue reading

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