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Technical Overview: Short Term Tremors

Last week the US equity markets finally succumbed to the continuous barrage of excessive bullishness and had a rare down day. The excuse was the growing protest movement in Egypt that had started to disrupt economic activity there and shut … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading: Complacent Markets & Raging Political Discontent

Here is this long weekend’s reading list of economic and market news. To see all the links, go to The Stock Market is for Suckers Update on Presidential Election Cycle James Stack: Curb Your Enthusiasm Bernanke Gets 66% Approval … Continue reading

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Egypt Protests: Live Update Sources

Here are some great sources for breaking news and live coverage of the ongoing Egyptian protests: Al-Jazeera journalists’ twitter updates Ian Lee (twitter – journalist) Sultan Al Qassemi (twitter – jounalist broke the story of arrest of Interior Minister by … Continue reading

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A Big Gold Preview

Guest post by Jeff Clark for BIG GOLD: It’s time for our annual gold forecast survey in BIG GOLD, which will be released tomorrow. And I have to say, this might be one of the most informative and useful editions … Continue reading

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Sentiment Addendum: Earnings Revisions & Advisor Sentiment

Here are two additional data points to keep in mind for this week’s sentiment overview of the markets: Advisor Sentiment The gap between the investing public’s sentiment and financial advisor’s sentiment is growing. The Rydex SGI Advisor Confidence Index (ACI) … Continue reading

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Sentiment Overview: Week Of January 28th, 2011

The market today had one of its first serious down days in quite a long time. The Nasdaq fell 2.5% while the S&P 500 index slid 1.8%. We’ve been watching with wrinkled brow as the market has continued to inch … Continue reading

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Renting Gold For An Opportunistic Trade Higher

I’ve been stalking gold during its most recent correction. In early December I cautioned saying that it seemed gold was making a top. That proved to be a very good call as gold did top out at $1424. I followed … Continue reading

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