WallStreetWindow’s Power Investor – Limited Time Offer

You already know that there are many stock market services out there. Most of them are very slick and gimmicky with pretensions of getting rich quick through the market. Having seen at first hand the challenges that the market deals out on a daily basis and also how very few actually even know what they are talking about, I know just how hard it is very difficult to find reputable sources.

Having gone through the search myself, there are only very few people and services that I feel comfortable recommending. One of the people I’ve known now for 10+ years who makes the short list is Mike Swanson of WallStreetWindow.

He’s not your typical slick, hype-driven guy who gives you the hard sell. He’s been a trader for some time and he’s lived through the market bubble of 2000 and the next 10 years which included roller-coaster ups and downs. He’s run money as a hedge fund manager, entered and won trading championships, written at length about his approach to the market and last year published a book.

Once in a blue moon he opens up his website to new clients and today is one of them. He’s only accepting 500 new students for WallStreetWindow and when those slots are taken, the ‘window’ will close for quite a while.

The last time he did a similar promotion was back in 2009 when I interviewed him: Interview: Mike Swanson of WallStreetWindow. He was very cautious during what we now know to have been the nascent bull market. But soon enough he jumped aboard.

What I like about Mike is not just that he’s the real deal and a straight shooter but that he goes to great length to explain what he’s thinking and how he arrives at his convictions. While he spends a lot of time talking about the market in general, he also provides detailed stock picks and explains his rationale for focusing on sectors or specific technical setups. He also blends technical and fundamental analysis while not forgetting about sentiment and the overall macro-economic environment.

He’s given me permission to share with you his recently released Stock Market Forecast for 2011. You can download it for free and get a good idea of his approach and style.

Last year a subscription to his site for the one year plus his “Stock Mastery” course was $377 but this year you get both for just $197 per quarter which comes to about $2 a day for the whole year.

Most importantly, the reason why I feel comfortable recommending Mike is not just all of the above but that being a stand-up guy, he offers a no questions asked money back guarantee in case you are not totally happy. So you don’t have any risk.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to really learn about the market and become a better trader or investor, you should take up Mike on this limited time offer. There are only a couple hundred places and they will go very very fast – last time he told me it was sold out in something like 3 hours!!

I highly recommend that you act now: Get Access to WallStreetWindowUPDATE: sold out!

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  1. Aristotle says:

    I think I like the new site better, it’s easier to read.

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